Microsoft .NET Framework Training

Who Should Attend?
Web designers, administrators, power users and others who want an introduction to programming applications using .NET and are new to object-oriented programming. Prior programming experience is helpful but not required.

The ToolSet You will learn

Overview of the Microsoft .NET Framework Managed Execution Environment Components, Deployment and Versioning Overview of C# Value-Type, Reference-Type Variables Essentials of Object-Oriented Programming Properties and Indexers Delegates and Events Working with Types Data Streams and Files Reflection, Serialization, Remoting Memory and Resource Management Strings, Arrays, and Collections Threads and Asynchronous Applications Core of ASP.NET MVC Customizing and Testing ASP.NET MVC ASP.NET forms and Server Controls ASP.NET Runtime Environment ASP.NET Design of Application ASP.NET Infrastructure of the application AJAX and JQuery ADO.NET Introduction ADO.NET Connecting to External Data ADO.NET Entity Framework LINQ to SQL and XML Windows Communication Foundation Big Data with Microsoft HDInsight